Xenoblade 3 Mio’s Diary Japan Exclusive MyNintendo Reward

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This replica of Mio's Diary from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a MyNintendo reward from Nintendo of Japan. The diary comes with stickers featuring the main cast and heroes from the game.

The diary is a paperbound notebook that comes with cute stickers of the main characters and heroes. This diary was released in North America and Europe as a MyNintendo reward, but I do not know what the differences are between each regional release. This is the Japan exclusive MyNintendo reward that I earned from redeeming MyNintendo points in 2023.

Please note that some of the reference photos were taken of my own diary to better show the stickers and the inside of the book. This listing is for a new diary that has never been used or removed from its packaging.

Character: Xenoblade 3 cast
Title: Mio's Diary
Type: Notebook + stickers
Series: Xenoblade / Xenoblade 3
Length: 18 cm
Width: 12 cm
Producer: Nintendo
Date Produced: originally produced in 2022, purchased in late 2023
Condition: new

new in sealed packaging

The diary will be packaged with care and shipped in a box for extra protection during the shipping process.