Momo no Ijutsushi (Momo's Medical History), Volume 2

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Momo no Ijutsushi or Momo's Medical History is a shoujo manga by Asano Non and Naomoto Sanba. The manga follows a young imperial doctor named Momo who journeys to find the "Book of the Abyss" in order to save his beloved prince.

This listing is for Volume 2 in Japanese.

The manga is completely in Japanese with little to no English text.  It has furigana and generally uses easy to understand vocabulary. I would recommend having knowledge of basic kanji and reading level of at least JLPT N3 to fully enjoy it.

The manga is in like new condition with some minor creases and bends from reading.

Please see the reference photos prior to purchasing to confirm its condition.

Original Title: モモの医術史

Language: Japanese

Volume: 2

Like new: A book that has been read but has no damage.