Mio no Na no Moto ni, Volume 1 (In the Name of the Mermaid Princess)

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Mio no Na no Moto ni (In the Name of the Mermaid Princess) is a shoujo manga written by Yoshino Fumikawa and illustrated by Miya Tashiro.

This listing is for Volume 1 in Japanese.

Mio no Na no Moto ni takes place in a world where magical beings exist, but face discrimination and abuse by humans because of their powers. Princess Mio, who was born a mermaid, is completely oblivious to this fact. She is forced to take medicine that temporarily makes her appear human and is hopeful for the day that she’d become a human permanently. After she learns the truth of how magical beings like herself are treated in her own kingdom, Mio becomes determined to live as a mermaid and create a better world for magical beings and humans alike.

Original Title: ミオの名のもとに

Language: Japanese

Volume: 1

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