Golden Sun 4koma Gag Battle Comic Anthology (2001)

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The Golden Sun 4koma Gag Battle Comic Anthology is an officially licensed Golden Sun manga anthology published by Kodansha in 2001. The manga contains 4koma based on characters and events from the original Golden Sun game. It contains a few full color illustrations and comics, but the majority of the manga is in black and white. This listing is for the first edition printing of the manga released on December 10, 2001.

4koma, or Yonkoma, are gag comic strips told in four panels that are meant to be read from top to bottom. They are usually published first in magazines like Nintendo Dream before being compiled in an anthology. 4koma comic anthologies based on video game franchises were popular in Japan in the early 2000's.

Please note that the manga is in Japanese and contains little to no English text. This manga never received an official English translation and has been out of print since the early 2000's. It contains furigana and is aimed at a younger audience so it's an easy read. You should have knowledge of character and item names from the series in Japanese prior to reading this. I would recommend having a Japanese reading ability of at least N3 to be able to fully enjoy it.

Type - 4koma Anthology

Franchise - Golden Sun

Publisher - Kodansha

Publication Year - 2001 (first edition)

Overall - acceptable 

Outside Cover - a little dirty, a little bent from reading

Inside Cover - n/a

Pages - minor age tanning, spotting