Fire Emblem: Fates 4koma Kings Comic Anthology

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Fire Emblem: Fates (Fire Emblem: If) 4koma Kings Manga is a comedic manga published by DNA Media Comics in 2015. It features the cast from the original game.

4koma, or Yonkoma, are gag comic strips told in four panels that are meant to be read from top to bottom. They are usually published first in magazines like Nintendo Dream before being compiled in an anthology. 4koma comic anthologies based on video game franchises were popular in Japan in the early 2000's.

Please note that the manga is in Japanese and contains little to no English text. It never received an official English translation.

The manga is in overall very good condition. The cover and inner pages are in great condition with no obvious defects. It has some creases and bends from reading.

Please check the reference photos prior to purchasing to confirm the condition of the book.

Overall - very good

Outside Cover - a little dirty

Inside Cover - no damage

Pages - no damage