Fire Emblem: Engage, Volume 1 Kyou Kazuro

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Fire Emblem: Engage is a shounen manga by Kyou Kazuro that began serializing in 2023. It is based on the video game of the same name.

This listing is for Volume 1 in Japanese. Volume 1 covers the game's opening and ends around the time the Divine Dragon and their party crosses into Brodia.

The manga is completely in Japanese with little to no English text. It is a relatively easy read, especially if you're familiar with its source material. I would recommend having a Japanese reading ability of at least JLPT N4 to enjoy the manga.

I purchased this manga in 2023. After reading it, I placed it in on a shelf for storage and only removed it to take photos for this listing.

The manga is in very good condition with some minor creases and bends from reading.

Please see the reference photos prior to purchasing to confirm its condition.

Original Title: Fire Emblem: Engage

Language: Japanese

Volume: 1

Like new: A book that has been read but has no damage.