Dorahiyo: Isekai no ryu wa watashi no nade nade ni yowai mitaidesu, Vol 1

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Dorahiyo: Isekai no ryu wa watashi no nade nade ni yowai mitaidesu is a shoujo manga by Chitose Shiki. It tells the story of Mirei, an animal lover whose petting style can make even the most aggressive of cats warm up to her. One day, she accidentally falls off a bridge and finds herself face to face with the Dragon King of another world. After befriending a baby dragon in the Dragon King's castle, she decides to stay with the Dragon King to raise the baby together with him.

This listing is for Volume 1 in Japanese.

The manga is completely in Japanese with little to no English text. It uses relatively easy to understand language and includes furigana. I would recommend having a Japanese reading ability of at least JLPT N3 to fully enjoy it.

The manga is in very good condition with some minor creases and bends from reading.

Please see the reference photos prior to purchasing to confirm its condition.

Original Title: ドラひよ〜異世界の竜は私のなでなでに弱いみたいです〜

Language: Japanese

Volume: 1

Like new: A book that has been read but has no damage.