Azufareo no Sobayounin, Volume 1 (Chamberlain of the Azfareo)

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Azufareo no Sobayounin or Chamberlain of the Azfareo is a shoujo manga by Chitose Shiki. The manga follows Lukuru, who after being ostracized by her village, becomes a servant in a royal palace. To her surprise, she is assigned to a dragon rather than a human. She soon discovers that there is more to the dragon than meets the eye.

This listing is for Volume 1 in Japanese.

The manga is completely in Japanese with little to no English text. Although it uses some keigo, I think this manga is an overall easy read. It uses furigana and the story is very easy to understand. I would recommend having a Japanese reading ability of at least JLPT N3 to enjoy it.

I purchased this manga back in 2017 and read it several times. I was very careful with it so this volume is still in very good condition.

Please see the reference photos prior to purchasing to confirm its condition for yourself.

Original Title: 蒼竜の側用人

Language: Japanese

Volume: 1

Like new: A book that has been read but has no damage.