How Nonoya Books Assesses the Condition of Manga and Collectibles

How Nonoya Books Assesses the Condition of Manga and Collectibles

All items on Nonoya Books including manga, light novels, and collectibles have a written explanation of their condition. The condition of an item is the state the item is in. You can usually find the condition of an item by reading its description. If the condition of an item is not mentioned in its description, you can always find it by clicking on the dropdown menu called condition on an item listing page.

When viewing an item’s condition, you may come across the terms new, like new, open box, good, and acceptable. You can find an explanation of what each of these terms mean below.

New Items on Nonoya Books


Any item listed as new is in brand new condition. When it comes to printed media like manga and light novels, new means that they have never been read. A new collectible is a collectible that has sealed and unopened packaging. New items typically come with their original tags and are completely undamaged.

In general, new items are only used to take photos. After being photographed, they are placed in storage.



The Navi Pin featured above is in new condition. It is brand new in its original, sealed, and unopened packaging. The pin and its packaging have no damage. It was only used to take photos and was placed in storage after it was photographed.

Like New Items on Nonoya Books


Like new items are items that have been used but have no noticeable damage. Most of the printed media Nonoya Books sells are in like new or, in other words, very good condition.

Manga and light novels that are listed as like new have been read. Although they have been used, they are in very good condition with only minor signs of wear like small creases from reading and dust from storage.

Like new collectibles come in sealed and unopened packaging, but may have been displayed as part of a collection prior to being resold. Like new collectibles may sometimes be missing their original tags, but are in otherwise very good condition.



Volume 1 of Maronie Oukoku no Shichinin no Kishi is like new condition. It was read once and placed in storage directly after reading. The manga was opened again while being photographed to document its table of contents page. This volume has light creases from reading but has no noticeable damage. All the pages are intact with no discoloration. There are no scuff marks or holes in the cover. This volume even comes with its original obi.

Open Box Items on Nonoya Books


Open box items are items that are in excellent condition but were removed from their packaging at some point. Most collectibles sold on Nonoya Books are open box.

Open box items may or may not come with their original packaging. In the case where an item does come with its original packaging, the packaging may be unsealed or even damaged. Although the packaging may be damaged or omitted entirely, the item itself will always be in like new condition. Because the packaging was handled by a human, it may have traces of fingerprints and dust on it.

 Na'el Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Acrylic Stand in open box condition


Items that are listed as open box were most likely taken out of their packaging because they were difficult to photograph. For example, the Na’el Acrlyic Figure featured above is listed as open box because it was removed from its packaging and assembled to be photographed. The acrylic stand itself is brand new and in excellent condition, but it was removed from its plastic. The Na’el Acrlyic Figure was returned to its plastic after being photographed and will ship with its original, now unsealed packaging.


Good Items on Nonoya Books


Items listed as good on Nonoya Books are items that have been used and have minor signs of wear. When considering purchasing an item in good condition, it may be best to refer to the photos on its listing to assess the condition of the item yourself.

For printed media, signs of wear can include anything from small scratches and creases on the cover, and stains and color tanning (discoloration) on internal pages. Manga and light novels listed as good will never have holes, cuts, or missing pages.

Collectibles in good condition may be missing their original packaging and tags. Items like plush dolls and figures may have been played with or displayed on a shelf where they collected dust.

Fire Emblem Thracia 776 Manga in good condition


The Fire Emblem Thracia 776 manga set photographed above is in good condition. Each volume has been read and has noticeable creases and bends on their covers from reading. Additionally, because this manga is vintage, each volume’s pages have age tanning, or discoloration from being displayed out in the open for an extended period of time. None of the volumes of manga in this set come with their original obi.


Acceptable Items on Nonoya Books


Acceptable items are items that have been used and have major signs of wear. Acceptable printed media may have deep bends and creases on their covers, numerous stains on internal pages (foxing), noticeable age tanning (page discoloration), and an “old book smell.” Most vintage media sold on Nonoya Books is in acceptable condition.

Some people may be sensitive to printed media with foxing and an “old book smell,” so please be aware of any possible allergies and sensitivities you may have before purchasing anything in acceptable condition. Always refer to the photos of the item to assess the extent of wear or damage the item may have.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past vintage manga


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past manga pictured above is in acceptable condition. The front cover has a heavy crease on its top right corner that is noticeable in its first reference photo. The back cover also has a crease, and the bottom of the dust jacket has light shelf wear. The inside cover of the manga is dirty with brown spots (foxing) and the manga’s internal pages have age tanning (discoloration). The manga has an old book smell.



Nonoya Books is not a grading authority. You will not find a numeric value or a letter grade on any of our product listings. Item conditions on Nonoya Books are noted by the terms new, like new, open box, good, and acceptable. New items have never been used and are completely undamaged. Like new items have been used but have no damage and are in excellent condition. Open box items that are in excellent condition but may be missing their original packaging. Good items are used and have minor signs of wear. Acceptable items are used and have major wear or damage.

While reading the item description is a good way get an idea of what Nonoya Books thinks the condition of an item is, checking the item’s reference photos allows you to assess an item’s condition for yourself. 

Each item on Nonoya Books is photographed individually. The photos always represent the item being sold. You will receive the exact item shown in the reference photos.

The best way to check the condition of an item sold on Nonoya Books is to read the product description and check the reference photos. Each item has unique photos and has been photographed from multiple angles.

If you have any questions about the condition of an item you are interested in or need addition photos, do not hesitate to get in contact.